My Actual Query

This is my actual query letter – maybe it will help someone who doesn’t know where to start, like myself.


Dear Mr. Agent,

As the world’s only werewolf PI, life isn’t always easy for Peck, but when a man named Cal Reznick asks him to find his missing son for a bundle of cash, life might be looking up. Now, having to deal with a cast of characters that include a mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, and a cult that worships them like gods, Peck’s week just went from hard to hard case.

Peck finds himself working to keep rogue members of the cult off his back while investigating a mysterious red substance that seems to control everyone it comes in contact with. As the mystery deepens, he finds himself struggling with the Beast inside, leaders of the Church of the Monstrum, and even some of his fellow monsters. When he finds out who’s behind it all, he has to face the one thing that frightens him the most – becoming the Beast, which may cost him everything if he can’t rein it in.

The Lot, complete at 40,000 words, is set against a contemporary backdrop that includes modern LA and an abandoned studio back lot from the 50s. I’ve been published in several small online magazines, and have a self-published book of short stories on Amazon titled Remnants: A Collection.

Thank you for your consideration.

Clayton Snyder

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